The Project

A Single Integrated Plan for Regional Growth

Smart Valley Places is coordinated by the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley (Partnership) and driven by a Compact of 14 Cities (Compact Cities) from throughout the eight counties in the San Joaquin Valley, in partnership with four regional nonprofit organizations, California State University, Fresno, the California Central Valley Economic Development Corporation, and the San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council, which represents all eight county Metropolitan Planning Organizations in the Valley.

The net result/outcome will be a single integrated plan for regional growth that will guide the San Joaquin Valley for the next 20 years and even beyond. Through a number of innovative components, there will be realistic, sustainable urbanization plans that bridge jurisdictions by focusing growth in the urban areas to preserve agriculture and minimize suburbanization, plus address local and regional mass transit, energy and housing issues. Additionally, through the work of the partnering nonprofit organizations, the region will benefit from the implementation of a regional plan for civic engagement to build technical understanding of smart growth and implementation capacity among local leaders, government staff and stakeholders and, particularly, low-income and minority populations.

Smart Valley Places, in conjunction with the substantial federal investment to begin California’s high- speed rail system in the Valley, truly is the region’s opportunity to transform itself and demonstrate that the Valley is the key to California’s healthy, prosperous and sustainable future.

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