California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley

A New Partnership Emerges…

In June 2005, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger established by Executive Order the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley (Partnership) in an unparalleled effort to focus specialized attention on the needs of the region.

“I’m proud to say that through the California Partnership as the lead applicant, the San Joaquin Valley was awarded $4 million to address the issues that Price raised in his column as well as many others, which will ultimately result in a regional plan for sustainable development for the San Joaquin Valley.”

— Mike Dozier
Lead Executive, California Partnership
for the San Joaquin Valley

The Governor directed preparation of a Strategic Action Proposal, completed by October 2006, to address the region’s disparities and to improve the quality of life for Valley residents, through coordinated actions that will result in a prosperous economy, quality environment and social equity – the “3Es” of sustainable growth.

To accomplish this task, the Partnership formed 10 work groups comprising public and private sector leaders, experts and elected officials to study and address challenges in these specific areas: Economic Development; Higher Education and Workforce Development; PreK-12 Education; Transportation; Land Use, Agriculture and Housing; Air Quality; Water Quality, Supply and Reliability; Energy; Health and Human Services; and Advanced Communications Services. With the collective expertise of participants from throughout the region, the Strategic Action Proposal (SAP) was developed, setting forth overall strategies and specific actions with accompanying indicators to measure progress.

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